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About Civitta

Civitta is a leading independent management consultancy in the Central and Eastern Europe with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova etc. Civitta provides the full span of consulting services from problem or opportunity recognition and action planning to identification of financing solutions and decision implementation support. We help clients to plan activities to reach their goals, execute relevant studies, build staff know-how, find needed financing sources, or lend our human resources to jointly implement projects. In other words, we are bridging the gaps that organisations need to overcome in striving to achieve their goals.

Civitta is a partnership established by a team of experienced professionals who have worked in the professional services business for several decades. Our team members have diverse experience in many industries and government positions as well as other top consulting and private firms. Civitta is also a company of entrepreneurs who have initiated numerous start-ups and helped to integrate social and environmental benefits into many businesses.

Be Part of Our Mission

In our company we believe that shaping economic and social potential of Ukraine is the foremost important long term project where by helping our clients to grow we help our communities to prosper, whether its improving governance for local and central government, attracting financing for development projects, or supporting small and medium businesses to transform their operations to become more competitive. Civitta Group is comprised of over 120 international consultants and analysts, driven by young energy, intellectual strength and dedication to bring meaningful changes for our clients by helping them every step of the way.


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